Monday, February 03, 2014

Abbot Isaac oblate prayer card

Saint Leo Abbey

At the February 2, 2014 oblate class, Abbot Isaac, O.S.B., handed out beautiful cards with a prayer he wrote for oblates to say before vespers (or anytime):

"Prayer for Oblates of Saint Leo Abbey"

"Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly come to you asking for your grace. As a Benedictine Oblate I want to embrace my commitment of conversion of life and service to humanity, giving testimony of the love of God.

"Help me to be honest to my call. Help me to keep my tongue free from vicious talk and tum me away from all evil. Guide me to embrace peace as a quest and aim in my life.

"Give me, Lord Jesus, prudence, strength and humility, so I may amend my ways. Aid me to learn and practice respect for all and to accept others weaknesses of body or behavior.

"Help me, Lord Jesus, to do what is better for us all and not be selfish. Give me understanding to pray and embrace your Written Word, so I may pray and know how to dwell upon your Word.

"I pray also for the monks of Saint Leo Abbey. Help them to embrace their call and be holy. Help us all to be faithful to our monastic call, each of us according to our state of life so we may be models for others to follow you either in the world as Oblates or monks.

"Finally, help me to live a holy life so others may see and follow you in the path of Saint Benedict, belonging to a monastery serving under the Rule and the Abbot. Help us Lord to bring this to a good end.

Saint Leo Abbey 2014
Abbot Isaac, O.S.B.
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  1. Thank you for this prayer to learn to adopt this way of life with honesty and humility .