Saturday, December 31, 2011

New View of Saint Leo Abbey Church

Updated March 2013

March 2013
(with tree limbs removed from the photograph)

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Here is the new view of the Saint Leo Abbey Church. For the first time in many years, those visiting the abbey and wanting a picture of the beautiful abbey church will see this through their camera. 

It is fitting that this new view is also how the abbey looks out onto the new year.

For a historical marking, here are some pictures of the abbey church from the past.  

June 13, 2010

January 10, 2007 Note the previous fountain and the
banner on the right-side railing

From 50s or 60s. Note there is no fountain area. But the palm trees
to the left are still there in 2013.   

Abbey church 1950s from Pasco website. 
This picture may have been taken only
a few years after the church was completed in 1948.
Note, no plants appear to have been planted under right-side
window of the church -- plants appear in all other photos.

Happy Saint Sylvester's feast day. He was the pope during the early 300s AD who began building the churches in Rome after 300 years of Roman persecution.  Constantine made the Church legal under Roman law, Pope Sylvester made the churches visible.  

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