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Hear Recorded Oblate News: call 352-588-8180 & listen to the Audio Oblate Newsletter with announcements, meeting dates, reading assignments and Oblate news.

Phone: Oblate Chapter office & leave a message: 352-588-8180

Text Messages to your Cell Phone:  Call John Bakas at
352-588-8180. Give your cell phone number and the name of your cell phone company.  Your cell phone will receive short text messages of meeting reminders and when to call 352-588-8180 to hear the recorded Audio Oblate Newsletter of announcements, meeting dates, readings and Oblate news.

US Mail:

 Saint Leo Abbey Oblate        Chapter
 PO BOX 2350                       
 SAINT LEO  FL  33574-2350

Oblate Chapter Office:  Visit the St. Leo Abbey Oblate Chapter Office on the second floor of Saint Leo Abbey.  It’s best to call John Bakas or e-mail for an appointment, but there is a mail holder on the door to drop off any information.
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We are pleased to answer your questions about the St. Leo Abbey Oblate program, even "what's a Benedictine oblate?"

The St. Leo Abbey oblates meet once a month on the first Sunday at St. Leo Abbey.  Everyone is invited. All members of the public, including non-oblates, are invited to the Oblate meetings and everyone is also invited to pray with monks daily at the abbey -- a way to seek God in the "work of God" (also known as the divine office which is a set of songs, antiphons, psalms, and readings read and sung by the monks according to an ancient pattern). For oblates and oblate novices, the prayers with the monks when you are able to visit the abbey bring us closer to the Benedictine monastic life. Map to Abbey.