Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oblate Novice Resources updated -- Free text, audio, & Kindle versions

Saint Leo Abbey Church, Saint Leo, Florida

All examples of resources for Oblate novices are on the Oblate novice resources blog which lists nine of the most important books and materials for novices.
The three newest updates have three things in common: they are fast, easy, and free!

The new addition to Item No. 1 on the blog is a link to a free audio recording of the entire Rule. Have you had difficulty getting your spouse to read the Rule to you during dinner just like they do in the monasteries? Now you both can listen to Rule while you eat.

The new additions to Item No. 9 are links to free Kindle and free text versions of two classic commentaries on the Rule and the Benedictine life:
Internet Archive for Benedictine Monachism, by Cuthbert Butler.
Internet Archive for Commentary on the Rule of Saint Benedict, by Paul Dellate.

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